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This month


'We have much more in common than separates us'

Jeremy Corbyn

According to the Spectator, Jeremy Corbyn MP is a 'genuinely nice man, hugely liked and admired by his colleagues', but his socialist views 'simply have nothing to offer the average British voter.' Third Way looked in on his constituency office.



Care too much

Can you care too much?

It sounds almost sacrilegious to a faith based on loving one another - but is it possible that empathy is sometimes bd for us? Psychologist Kate Middleton looks at the neuroscience of 'compassion fatigue' and other Biblical pointers fro avoiding burnout.

Big Brother

Interrogating Big Brother

We may fear cybercrime and terroism, but recent US rulings against government mass-surveillance show there are limits to how much privacy we're willing to sacrifice. Maddy Fry believes St Augustine's theory of Just War provides a useful guard rail in a slippery debate.