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'Utopia has to be based on human values.'

Roland Howard talks to Paul Mason

Nov 15 Paul Mason

The economics editor of Channel 4 News is that rarity, a front-rank journalist who lets his feelings show. Third Way met Paul Mason at the offices of his publisher in the Strand.



Nov 15 Community Heaven

Christian community: heaven or hell?

Shared meals, radically inclusive mission, or rows over rotas? Many of us aspire to community living- but fear it might be a living hell. Roger Sawtell gives a frank and practical assessment.

Nov 15 Violence Undone

Violence Undone

Whether starting gang fights or studying for his thesis, Martyn Smith has always been fascinated by violence. Here he recounts the life-changing moment he passed the point of no-return.

Nov 15 Introvert

Celebrating the introvert

With its impulse towards community and mass social action, Christianity could be seen as an extrovert's religion. But that would be a huge mistake, believes Mark Tanner, who cherishes the often-overlooked gifts of the introvert.

Nov 15 Vocations

Tackling the 'Is it I, Lord?' question

How are religious orders, theological institutions, diocesan advisers, and others helping people to work out their calling, asks Rebecca Paveley.


Complete Listing for November 2015

Nov 15