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This month


"In politics and love, there are commitments that you find you can't walk away from."

Terry Eagleton

At a recent celebration of his 50 years in academia, Professor Terry Eagleton was hailed as 'possibly the world's most renowned literary critic' and 'the only major contemporary Marxist voice consistently audible in the West'. Third Way attended.




Silence: A user's guide

Ancient writers and modern neuro-psychologists concur that to function fully we need access both to everyday consciousness and 'deep mind'. Maggie Ross believes this balance requires a silence that is rare - but not yet extinct - in modern life.


Unnatural disasters

Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes... how do we understand God's part in our planet's devastating upheavals? Robert S White, a geologist and theologian, offers vivid observations from close to the epicentre.


Independent steps on holy ground

Most travellers opt for the security of a package tour to the Holy Land. Gavin Drake checks out travelling to Israel and Palestine alone.