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This month


"I think there's an awful lot to worry about in the world"


Over 25 years as a presenter on Newsnight on BBC2, Jeremy Paxman acquired a reputation as Britain's most fearsome inquisitor. Third Way met him in Salford between bouts of University Challenge.



Fragile House

A fragile house

A favourite at weddings, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke believed true love was less about merging than protecting one another's solitude. Simon Parke salutes a complex and wounded man whose hallmark was passionate authenticity.


Knitting and other revolutionary acts

As competing political voices reach election crescendo, could it be that artistic, home-spun forms of activism are more positive and quietly persuasive? Clare Bryden hails the rise of 'Craftivism' and explains how knitting can change the world.





Harnessed to death

Long before War Horse, evangelicals used the Bible to argue that deploying animals in conflict was incompatible with faith. Philip Sampson believes it's time for modern Christians to protect fellow creatures from modern war.