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"I think I'm a conservative, but I've noticed I get more left-wing as I get older."

Peter Oborne

The political columnist and pamphleteer Peter Oborne has carved a reputation as a right-wing commentator, but some of his opinions still surprise. Third Way tried to work him out at the offices of Theos in Westminster.



The Forgotten Struggle

The forgotten struggle

In the marking of the WW1 centenary, many will pay tribute to those who fought and died in combat. Symon Hill believes it's also time to honour the bravery of the pacifists punished for refusing to take up arms in the first place.

Riding the elephant

Riding the elephant

Despite overwhelming evidence of our effect on the environment, humanity seems stubbornly in denial about climate change. Bruce Stanley finds out how faith groups carry a blueprint for more effective activism.


A rude awakening

A combination of unthinking busyness and well-worn habit can make it feel as if we are sleepwalking through life. That's why, as Judy Hirst discovers, it sometimes takes an unexpected or even painful surprise to wake us up.