Third Way readers are:

Educated 80% have a degree, and 40% have

Young Half are aged under 40, and 80% under

Influential Employed in professional or
managerial positions: teaching, business, medicine, academia,
science and the social services. One in 10 is a full-time church
leader, and over 60% hold at least one position of responsibility
in their church.

Involved One in three belongs to a pressure
group: 30% belong to a trade union, and 19% to a political

Committed 71% give regularly to mission or
outreach work, and 77% to charity or relief work. One in three does
voluntary work.

Engaged One in three reads the magazine from
cover to cover; 75% read at least two-thirds. Those who don’t keep
it for reference pass it on – only 8% throw their copy away.


Display space in magazine

Rear cover (273 x 186mm) £495

Inside front (273 x 186mm) £450

Full page (273 x 186mm) £395

Half page across (134 x 186mm) £235

Half page vertical (273 x 91mm) £235

Quarter page (134 x 91mm) £165

Copy accepted in Quark, pdf or high-res graphics


Full Page Bleed ads +10%

Dimensions 297mm x 210mm

3 mm trim to all leading edges

Inserts (loose)

10g or less, £62 per thousand

10+g to 19g £70 per thousand

Heavier weight by negotiation

Ask about stitching in the insert


60p per word on lineage (minimum of 12 words)

£4.50 S.C.C Rate (15% VAT)

Display space on website

There are just three banner slots fixed to every page on the site.
These are avaliable to regular advertisers for the month of
publication: four/five weeks for a fixed fee.

Over 13,000 visits are made to the site each month, so with a
click ratio of just 0.3%

you could expect to have upwards of 40 clicks through to your

Banner fees for a month are:

Top Banner = £150 p.c.m

120 x 240 pixels


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